Autumn Collection 2021

6 October 2021

This fall, our collection explores two different directions. One revisits the classics with innovations that make them frontline products; the other introduces all new designs with the distinctive Yutes character. Amongst the most timeless pieces, Pes Lli presents maximum versatility for sheer curtains in a wide range of tonalities; Turquesa goes back to traditional stripes with a very updated touch; and Anastasia brings back elegant embroidery to the contemporary home, now combined with an aged look. Our new creations are Shibori, Pinnada, Altea and Vichy, and they share a common lightness and experimentation. Double-sided sheer curtains that play with the light, prints inspired by Japanese dyeing, or fine lines and renovated shapes are coming together in this present-day approach on decoration, always with the best quality linen as its main component.